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 March 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Embellish your room design with a beautiful vase.

Vases are not just empty vessels to fill with water and flowers.

Talk about a versatile design element! Vases come in just about any size, shape, color and material. A large floor vase can become the focus of an entire room, while smaller vases can be a final touch that subtly finish off a room’s beauty.


Vases can add to the design perfection of almost any room:      

  • In the foyer – to make an opening statement for your home

  • Around the tub – to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa retreat

  • On the mantle – to add dimension and symmetry to your architecture

  • In the dining room, to anchor your table beautifully

  • In the living room or great room – to create a focal point or fill an awkward space

  • In the bedroom, to add interest to your bureau or chest of drawers


Often we think about vases solely as vessels to display fresh flowers – and it is nice to bring some of outdoor nature inside! But they are so much more. Some vases are beautiful just on their own. Or you can fill them with dried branches and leaves, bamboo, succulents, evergreens or artificial flower arrangements.


Vases work alone or in groups of two or more, placed close together. They look great when paired with a chair, occasional table or work of art in a complementary style, shape, color or finish. And one of the best things about vases is you can easily change where they’re placed in a room and change what elements they hold to update a room for every season.


Add a smart finishing touch to your interior design plan this season with beautiful vases.

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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