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August 2020

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

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Style Your Throw Blanket Like a Pro.

There are numerous ways to achieve the right look.


Have you ever felt frustrated trying to style your throw blanket? How do you toss it onto your couch so it doesn’t look bulky or messy? Well, creating that effortless look takes a little more forethought than you might think. Learn the best ways to throw your throw:


Formal fold: Fold your throw neatly in half and drape it over the top of your sofa, either precisely in the middle or off to the side. A horizontal pillow adds the perfect touch.


Corner drape: Fold your blanket lengthwise and casually drape it over the corner of your sofa.


Corner toss: Once you fold your throw in half, grab the middle of the fold and toss to the corner of your couch; adjust for a rippling effect.


Casual throw: Fold your blanket and drop over the back of the sofa so that the left corner falls lower in back and the right corner falls lower in front.


Perfectly imperfect throw: When folding your blanket vertically, leave about four inches between the two sides. Drape over the top of the sofa and adjust as needed. (This looks especially nice if your throw has lots of fringe.)


Over the arm: Neatly fold your blanket and lay it over the arm of your couch.


Over the seat: Fold your throw and place it on the seat of your sofa, letting the end drape over the edge. Top it with a pillow or two.


Make sure your throw isn’t too big or bulky — most of these techniques work best with a lightweight knit blanket. Once you start experimenting, you’ll find a variety of ways to express your unique style.

© 2020 Hunter Douglas

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