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 November 2019

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Make Your Room Pop with This Trending Orange.

Rumba Orange is the new black.


Like the name suggests, Rumba Orange exudes the energy and passion associated with the rhythmic Cuban dance. And in 2020, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Paint company Behr just included Rumba Orange in its 2020 Color Trends Worldhood Palette that features a variety of rich hues and rustic tones for a contemporary, yet warm feel.


When combined with neutrals and earth tones like grays, beiges and taupes, Rumba Orange can really spice up your décor. But you don’t have to go full on orange. By adding just a few orange accents, you can still make a bold statement. Here are a few ways you can introduce orange to your space:

  • Paint just one wall orange (or use orange wallpaper) to create a focal point in the room. Then use other elements in your space to complement it.

  • Mix and match throw pillows and blankets — try combining solid oranges with multi-colored designs.

  • Decorate with orange lamps, candles or other lighting fixtures.

  • Add an orange ottoman or bench to your space.

  • Install orange curtains or window coverings.

  • Accent your room with an orange area rug, end tables or wall art.


If you decide to paint, choose a deeply saturated orange because a less saturated color may look dull. Also, if you’re painting an interior space, use an eggshell or matte paint sheen — those sheens have a slight shine and they’re more durable than flat finishes.


The key to decorating with Rumba orange is that a little goes a long way. By starting with just one or two strong elements, you can accent them with a variety of accessories to create the perfect balance in color and design.

© 2019 Hunter Douglas

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