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March 2015

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Adding built-ins maximizes

the floor space of your home.

Use them for dramatic displays, hidden storage,

entertainment center or extra seating.

Storage is a challenge, especially since we Americans like to accumulate “stuff.” And almost nothing detracts more from a beautiful interior design plan than lots of clutter and chaos. A great solution – and one that can add beauty and a focal point to your home – is built-ins, including cabinets, shelving, seating and more. 


Built-ins are appropriate for almost any room in the house – family rooms, kitchens, home offices, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. They can also be used to separate areas of a large room or fill an awkward space in a corner or below the stairs.


Think outside the box when planning built-ins for almost any room in your home:


  • To serve as display space around the fireplace

  • For seating as a built-in banquette in the kitchen

  • To display treasures and books along a wide hallway

  • To hold audio and video equipment as your entertainment center

  • To create a hidden desk inside a closet

  • For storage at the bedside or even under the bed

  • To put away dishes, glasses, serving ware and linens in the dining room

  • As a casual place to chat or read with a window seat


Consider adding built-ins to your home to maximize space, get rid of clutter and add beauty.

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