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 June 2017

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Pastel colors can refresh and soften your home design plan.

These gentle hues make a room feel lighter, cleaner and more delicate.

The balmy days of summer feel like the perfect time to lighten your home with pastels. And remember, these beautiful shades are not just for the warm season; soft pastels are a look that can last all year long.


Consider these pastel hues for a home update and refreshing change:
lavender           lilac           tangerine sherbet

apple green           lemon ice           sky blue
strawberry cream           soft yellow           pale green


Pastels, also called spring colors or sherbet colors, are soothing, but at the same time energizing. Their fresh and natural feel brings light and softness into a room. In addition to using pastel home elements in solid colors, think patterns too. Perfect pastel patterns include florals, birds, botanicals, lattice work, and abstract designs too.


Pastels work great for these home design elements:


  • Paint and wall stencils

  • Rugs and carpeting

  • Slipcovers and upholstery

  • Bedding and towels

  • Table linens

  • Wall coverings

  • Throw pillows

  • And sheer draperies and shades that filter light to enhance the muted and ethereal mood of a pastel interior


Add delicate, delightful pastels to your design plan to refresh your home throughout the year.

© 2017 Hunter Douglas

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