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March 2021

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Make Your Home Smarter and Safer.

Smart devices offer both convenience and protection.


There’s no doubt that smart devices are convenient. But they’re also a great way to protect yourself and your family from germs — especially when you opt for voice control. Think about how many surfaces you frequently touch around your home every day, from light switches and remotes to your thermostat. Voice control gives you hands-free control of your devices so you significantly reduce the chances for germ transmission.


Here are a few other ways smart home devices keep you safe:


  • Smart thermostats: Did you know that viruses can multiply faster in dry environments? A smart thermostat lets you easily control humidity levels to slow the spread of germs.

  • Motion detectors: Motion detectors not only give you hands-free control of your lights, they help save you on energy bills.

  • Smart lighting: With smart lighting, you can actually set the beam to red to warn others to stay away if someone in the house is sick.

  • Video doorbells: Video doorbells let you communicate with people at your door without the need for face-to-face contact.

  • Smart locks: If you get a delivery, smart locks enable you to unlock your door remotely so the delivery person can leave the item safely inside.

  • Smart window shades: If you have motorized shades, you can program them raise and lower automatically to prevent strangers from looking into your home.

  • Smart plugs with timers: You can even set timers on your devices like coffee makers or space heaters to ensure they don’t stay on for too long.


While smart devices can definitely help keep you safer, remember to clean and disinfect them on a regular basis.

© 2021 Hunter Douglas

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