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 August 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Make your kitchen a popular meeting place for family and friends.

Selecting the perfect kitchen table will help set the scene.


Just like the design of your entire kitchen plan, kitchen tables are available in all colors, sizes, shapes and styles. Selecting the right table will make it the anchor for your most-used room. Consider a table that will meet all your needs, from homework projects to family meals to a food preparation work surface.


The perfect table for you will be different than the ideal table for other people. Think about how you want it to function, as well as the look that appeals to you. You may want a table that you can move, even one with locking wheels, so you can keep it in the center of the space most of the time, but have flexibility to move it against the wall to serve buffet food or drinks.


Also think about how you want people to feel when they spend time in your kitchen. Then think about your style preference – modern or traditional, neutral or full of color, sleek or cozy. Some people prefer a retro look, with vintage chrome or laminate. Others like the feeling of a sidewalk café with a French bistro table with metal chairs. Still others cozy up to a traditional distressed oak table with cushioned wood chairs.


When selecting the perfect kitchen table, also think about maintenance. A durable, low-maintenance surface will probably be high on your priority list, so your kitchen table can accommodate all your needs. Many surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, including butcher block, tile, marble, glass, laminate and some antique woods because they’re already distressed!

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