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 June 2019

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Stop kidding around and focus on decorating your children's rooms.

A child's room can be durable and fun at the same time.  


Planning the décor of your child’s bedroom is a very personal experience, both for you and for your child. Every child has different interests, likes and dislikes, yet there are some commonalities in all children’s rooms.


The room should have a comfortable bed, a desk or table with chairs, and storage for clothes, shoes, books, toys, and other items. It’s also nice to have free floor space in the room for playing, and let’s admit it, many kids prefer to sit on the floor instead of in a chair! Furnishings should be easy to clean and maintain and difficult to break.


It’s smart to buy sturdy, long-lasting furniture that can transition from early childhood to the teen years, then use smaller and less expensive elements to reflect your child’s current interests and likes.


Let kids make some decisions, especially about colors they like and the theme of their room. Themes may include ballerina, horses, dolls, a cartoon character, the circus, astronauts, cowboys, safari, lodge, a favorite activity or sport, or a local sports team. Great elements to let kids select include paint color, bed linens, pieces of art and rugs. Maybe even help them create a unique piece of art for their room!


Decorative elements to consider include:

  • Stencils or decals on walls or ceilings to carry out a theme

  • An unusual lamp or light fixture

  • Plastic bins for storage

  • Painting one wall with chalkboard paint so they can draw on it and erase whenever they’d like

  • Installing lower hanging rods in the closet that can be removed as they grow taller   


Your children will grow up sooner than you think. Have fun planning a bedroom they love and that will provide long-lasting memories.   

© 2019 Hunter Douglas

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