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December 2019

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Boost Your Home Value with the Right Upgrades.

Some home improvements pay off more than others.


If you’re contemplating a home improvement, it can be helpful to know which projects give you the highest Return on Investment (ROI). The thing is, while you may want to focus your efforts on more valuable upgrades, don’t totally discount others if you plan on staying in your home for a while and you’ll get a lot of use out of them.


Here are some of the most profitable home improvements:


  • Kitchen/bath remodel 
    Without a doubt, kitchen and bath remodels are the most valuable investments, bringing in ROIs often exceeding 100%. In fact, an additional bathroom offers more than twice the return as a new bedroom!

  • Refinished wood flooring

       By refinishing your hardwood floors, it’s possible to recoup 100% of the costs. However, installing brand-new wood       

       flooring has only a slightly lower return.

  • Energy efficient windows

       Besides increasing the value of your home, energy efficient windows save you heating and cooling costs throughout 

       the year. Even better, install energy efficient cellular shades, too, for even more savings.

  • Wood deck addition

       While the value of a deck varies by region, wood decks typically bring in the highest recoup value nationally —   

       although, composite decks recoup only slightly less. Just remember that a wood deck requires a lot of upkeep.

  • Paint  

       When painting the interior of your home, concentrate on high-traffic areas like your kitchen and bathroom. If the   

       exterior of your home has ever been painted, you’ll need to repaint before you sell — but touch-ups may be enough.


As a general rule, if your home is already in good shape, focus on projects that will improve its appearance. First impressions are everything!

© 2019 Hunter Douglas

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