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August 2020

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Create an Inspiring Homeschool Space.

The right learning environment boosts productivity.


If you’re new to homeschooling your child, chances are you’re wondering the best way to set up your at-home learning space. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to resemble a typical classroom — in fact, the comforts of home can really work to your advantage. Here are some tips for designing an enjoyable and inspiring homeschool environment:


Choose the ideal location. If you can’t devote an entire room to homeschooling, make sure the location has ample light, comfortable seating and enough room for a large desk/table, bookshelves and storage.


Make learning tools easily accessible. Use drawers, shelves or bins to provide easy access to books and desk supplies. A set of dividers can be helpful in organizing assignments.


Keep the workspace free of clutter. Designate a storage space for all supplies, putting like things together, so they’re easy to find. Less clutter = better productivity.


Optimize wall space. Your wall is the perfect place to display artwork, educational posters or inspirational quotes. Or, paint the wall with whiteboard or chalkboard paint, so your child can actually write on it.


Create a cheerful environment with color. Storage bins or shelves in bright colors like orange, yellow and blue create a happy vibe and enhance performance. For a more calming environment, look for soothing shades like light blues, pale greens or soft lavenders.


The great thing about a homeschool space is that learning doesn’t have to be restricted to one room. If the weather’s nice, take studying outside. Create a comfy spot for reading or set up a comfortable work area on your porch or patio. With a little creativity, studying can be done from virtually anywhere!

© 2020 Hunter Douglas

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