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 September 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Shape your home office into a space with personality. 

You can make the room both warm and efficient, by including the right touches. 

Do you have a home office that’s an afterthought, that provides function but with little thought to aesthetics? That happens to most of us at some point in our lives. Why not upgrade your home office into a personalized work space that’s embellished with beautiful furniture, color, artwork and rugs.


A functional desk is key, as is a high-quality desk chair that’s the correct height and provides comfort for YOU! But don’t just focus on function. Shop for stylish furniture that makes you feel good to be in your home office and proud to show the room to others, rather than shutting the door when friends and family come to visit.


Entertain these ideas in your home office redesign:    

  • Customization of the space for the tasks you want to complete there, whether it’s major desk work every day or just checking your email once in a while

  • Good illumination that includes ambient lighting and task lighting at your desk

  • Forward thinking about all the devices you need to accommodate, including computer(s), printer(s), charging stations, file cabinets and more

  • A method to hide clutter and cords

  • Window fashions that block the glare on your computer and other devices

  • Open shelving to display work-related memorabilia, as well as closed cabinets to store office necessities like paper and toner cartridges

Make your home office into a reflection of your personality this season. You may even want to change the name of your room to a study or library to make it sound more beautiful! 

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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