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 June 2017

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

A beautiful headboard will back up your bedroom design.

It's often the first thing people notice when they walk into your boudoir.

Making your bedroom a calming oasis has many aspects. The most important design element is the bed, and often the most noticeable thing about your bed is the headboard! That’s why it’s smart to focus on a headboard – and possibly a complementary footboard -  when you design your bedroom look.


A headboard can command attention and add beauty or it can be so subtle that it almost disappears into the background. The choice is yours. Headboards (and footboards) come in many different materials, sizes and styles. Plan your headboard to complement the rest of the furniture in the room.


Think about the size of your bedroom to make sure your headboard is the right scale.
A large or tall room will need a substantial headboard, while a small room needs a headboard
in a smaller size.


Headboards can be made from many materials or a combination, including wood, leather, iron, brass and bronze. Upholstered headboards are quite popular today, and can be designed to look tailored and modern, with sharp, square corners, or feminine and soft with rounded shapes.


You might decide not to even have a headboard. Instead you can embellish the wall behind your bed with artwork, shelves, a hanging tapestry or a large Asian fan. Or think about using lots and lots of pillows standing upright on your bed as a substitute for a headboard.


Add a beautiful back-up to your bedroom decorating plan this season with a new headboard! It’s the first thing people will notice.

© 2017 Hunter Douglas

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