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 September 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Clarify your interior design plan by adding a glass table.

It will help your room feel larger and more airy. 

It’s clear – a glass table will add interest to a room, whether it’s a dining table, coffee table, console table or occasional table. Glass is a crystal clear choice for a table because it almost disappears. Because there’s no opaque surface breaking sight lines, a glass table makes a room seem larger, and emphasizes:    

  • The texture and weave of your rugs 

  • The beauty of your hardwood or tile floors

  • The craftsmanship of table legs or pedestals

  • The personality of collectibles you display on the table top

  • Even how adorable your dogs or cats look sitting under the table!

In terms of practicality, glass tables are easy to clean; however, they do show fingerprints and dust. Make sure you work with a professional to select a glass top table. Tempered glass should be thick enough for your table’s function, and should be beveled or curved on the edges. Also make sure the glass has no nicks or chips.


Glass tables come in all shapes, sizes and styles, even ones that complement traditional interior design styles. Instead of a typical square or rectangular table, think round, oval, hexagonal or freeform. And glass doesn’t have to be crystal clear; it can be colored in so many shades. Consider a two-level glass table. It’s a beautiful way to display collectibles on the bottom level, yet still have space on top for beverages, snacks and a flower arrangement or two.


Open up your interior living space with a glass table. It’s clearly an excellent choice!            

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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