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April 2021

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Which Shades Work Best in Kitchens?

Stylish window treatments can make the heart of your home even more inviting.


The first step in choosing the right kitchen shades is to think about where your windows are located. If they’re near the sink, stove or other food prep areas where they may come into contact with water, steam or grease splatters, you might want to consider a window treatment that’s durable and easy to clean. If you cook a lot or have a lot of sun coming into your kitchen, energy-efficient shades could be a good option. Here are some of the best types of window treatments for kitchens:


  • Cellular shades: Known for their superior energy efficiency, cellular shades add an extra layer of insulation at the window, so you can reduce energy consumption throughout the year and control the temperature in your kitchen while you’re cooking.


  • Faux wood blinds and shutters: One of the best options for windows located near food prep areas, faux wood blinds and shutters are very durable and easy to wipe down.


  • Roman shades: In modern kitchens today that are often all white or stainless, Roman shades are a great way to spice up a neutral palette with colors, patterns and textures.


  • Sheer shades: Featuring soft fabric vanes attached to elegant sheers, sheer shades can really soften the look of your kitchen’s hard surfaces and modern fixtures.


  • Woven wood shades: Made from natural materials, like bamboo, grasses and jute, woven wood shades can also soften the look of stainless steel and kitchen appliances. And if your kitchen gets a lot of heat, they’re durable and can hold their shape over time.


Look around your kitchen, and check where your windows are as well as your existing décor. The right shades can be both fashionable and functionable.

© 2021 Hunter Douglas

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