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 March 2017

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Relaxed furniture can help you

slow down and unwind.

Add calm to your home with furniture that's designed to be comfortable.

Home is where relaxation should be key, especially since most of us live busier lives than ever before. Designing your home for maximum relaxation is a great strategy to help you find peace and calm when you enter your home environment.


Focus on purchasing pieces of furniture - especially your upholstered sofas and chairs - that help you create a soft and gentle living space:

  • Less structured

  • More rounded edges than square corners

  • Well cushioned

  • Soft, sensuous fabrics

  • Comfortable construction

  • No-fuss, informal slip covers


Finish off your relaxed furniture with other home elements that can help you feel more relaxed, including:

  • Soft lighting

  • Calming paint colors

  • Natural materials and colors

  • Puffy throw pillows

  • Silky rugs (maybe even a shag rug or faux fur rug!)

  • Soothing scents created by candles and fresh flowers

  • Translucent window fashions


In the boudoir, soften the bed with an upholstered headboard. Add a sumptuous duvet, lots of comfortable pillows and lighting that can be dimmed.


Adding relaxed furniture and accessories can help you feel calm and rested – and actually make you feel more at home in your home.

© 2017 Hunter Douglas

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