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September 2015

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Decorating in many shades of gray adds layered elegance.

Gray is a versatile and sensuous color to include in your home decor.

Gray is a very flexible interior design color because it comes in so many variations; in fact, there are probably at least fifty shades of gray!


People most often use gray as a neutral, instead of beige, white or cream. You can go cool or warm, depending on the version of gray you select. There are so many shades, and very few of them are simply a mix of black and white. Usually gray includes tones of blue, pink, green, yellow or other colors.


Gray can come in varying intensities too, from the lightest dove gray to dark steel gray. And don’t just think of gray as a solid, smooth color when you use it in design. Part of the beauty of gray is in its texture; think wood grain in flooring and furniture, texture in tweed or silk fabrics, and matte or lacquer finish in paint.


Gray is subtle and goes well with a lot of colors, letting the other hues get all the attention. Think French blue, pink, gold, black, brown and white for accent colors. For the most part, gray is a peaceful color that adds serenity to an interior environment. However, gray can be edgy and avant garde, like when it’s used for concrete flooring or countertops.


Many elements in your home lend themselves to gray as a neutral. These include:


  • Wall paint

  • Tile and stone

  • Upholstery fabric

  • Window coverings

  • Rugs and carpeting


As an accent color, use gray for throw pillows, table linens, lamps, artwork, bed coverings and more.


Thinking of going gray in your home? Give us a call. We can help.

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