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 December 2015

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

A beautiful entry hall will impact how visitors perceive your home.

This important room can introduce drama and beauty to your guests.

After visitors walk in your front door, the entry hall (or foyer) is the first feeling they get about your home. Make sure it’s a good first impression by focusing on this small, but oh so important, part of your house!


Since the entry hall is a small space you can afford to be extravagant and add drama. Consider these ideas:


Consider these ideas:


  • Use bold and rich colors or striking black and white.

  • Add mirrors to make the room appear larger.

  • Explore the idea of shiny, lacquer or faux finish walls.

  • Accent with a touch of metallic finishes, including gold, silver, bronze or copper.

  • Install a front door that looks distinctive even from the inside.

  • Purchase a dramatic light fixture or lamp.


It’s nice to include a table and at least one chair or bench where people can stop to put on their shoes, but too much furniture will collect junk on a daily basis. A coat rack or umbrella rack can add welcome functionality. Also take time to select artwork, rugs and light fixtures. When selecting colors for your foyer, think about coordination with the rooms you can see from your entry hall, probably your living room and maybe your dining room.


If you’re thinking about a remodeling project, you can redesign your front door for more drama, even adding side and top windows to bring in more light. If you don’t have a separate foyer, be clever in your decorating to make this area appear as a separate space, using your flooring, furniture and artwork selection.


Want to make a good first impression? Focus on redesigning your entry hall this season!

© 2015 Hunter Douglas

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