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 January 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Light up your living environment with mood-inspiring candles

Candles add illumination and beauty to a room.

Warm up the mood in your home by adding candles to your décor. They’re perfect for the cold winter months – and continue to add beauty all year long.


Candles add light to a room, and also create a sense of serenity and a soft ambience. They soften the light and add atmosphere and romance. Best of all, candles come in most any shape, size and color – from small votive candles to large, tall candles that can sit on the floor and become a focal point of a room.


Candles add interest to almost any room and can be displayed in so many places in a room, including on

  • Dining tables

  • Mantles

  • Coffee tables and end tables

  • Bathroom counters and around the bathtub

  • Dressers and bureaus in the bedroom

  • Window sills

  • Shelves

  • The inside of your fireplace in summer


Think about using candles in pairs or even larger groups, with candles of differing sizes and shapes. Candles look especially nice when mixed with flowers, books, lanterns or seashells to create an artistic vignette. It’s fun to update candles for holidays too. Hint: Valentines Day is coming soon; white, pink and red candles would be fitting!


Always make safety a priority when you decorate with candles. Make sure candles are at a distance from anything that could be flammable and that they sit on a heat-resistant surface. And be vigilant about putting them out before you leave the house or go to bed.


Lighten and brighten your home environment by adding beautiful candles this season.

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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