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 January 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Add warmth to your decor with the new look of brass.

Brass adds elegance, sophistication and a sense of the past.

In recent years metallic finishes have come more into style for interior design and, believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. The shiny, lacquered brass that was in favor a generation ago has been replaced by a softer, gentler version of brass.


Brass is a warm, mellow, cozy metal. It can be shiny and reflective, but often today’s most popular brass interior finishes are soft with a bit of patina. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which makes it very strong, and it won’t rust! The actual color of brass is similar to gold, so brass used in non-metallic surfaces such as fabrics often looks the same as gold.


Think about using brass for:

  • Light fixtures and lamps 

  • Picture and mirror frames

  • Plumbing fixtures and drawer handles

  • The backsplash for a bar, bookshelf or kitchen counter

  • Occasional tables

  • Urns and vases

  • Trays and chargers

  • Drapery rods

  • Even a brass bed


The warm sheen of brass can make a room seem more lively and, at the same time, mellow and cozy. Brass pairs well with lots of colors, including gray, cream, white, forest green, Indian red, and almost any shade of blue. Brass even goes well with other metals, including chrome, stainless steel and nickel.


Add brass to your décor this season. It’s a showy addition that will bring warmth to your home environment.

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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