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April 2015

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Adding a clock to your decor
is a functional and aesthetic choice.

The time is ripe for this unique and appealing design element.

Clocks are more than just for telling time. After all, to find out what time it is, we can use a wrist watch or our smart phone. Clocks are also about enhancing interior décor and adding interest to a room. A clock can become a piece of art on your wall, in place of a painting or print.


Clocks come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. You can purchase a traditional style clock that’s an antique or a reproduction – maybe a grandfather clock or cuckoo clock. There are lots of bold new designs to consider too, many which are one-of-a-kind pieces. People are also salvaging old school clocks and railroad clocks for a vintage look.


Clocks work well as design pieces in almost any room, adding elegance, sophistication, rustic beauty or whimsy, depending on the style you select. They’re very useful when displayed in your kitchen, home office or great room, where you might actually need to know the time as you’re planning your day. Clocks are also beautiful and appealing in a bedroom, living room, dining room and home office. 


Choose a clock with chimes and you’ll not only get a visual design but an auditory addition to your home. And a pendulum on a clock can add motion to your décor. Some people are even adding durable outdoor wall clocks to their patios and other outdoor living spaces.


Every minute counts. Add a clock to your décor before more time slips away.

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