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April 2020

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Choose the Right Focal Point in Your Room.

The focal point is one of the most important parts of interior design.


When you enter a room, what’s the first thing that draws your attention? That’s your room’s focal point. It’s what anchors the rest of your décor and creates a nice flow. Sometimes, choosing the right focal point for your space is obvious — especially if you have a unique architectural element, like a picture window or fireplace. And other times, you may have to design your own.


Once you know your focal point, you can arrange the rest of your furnishings to accentuate it. Here are some of the most common focal points and some ideas to help make them pop:


  • Fireplace: Position your sofas and chairs comfortably around your fireplace. If you have a mantle, add plants or accessories.

  • Gorgeous views: Make sure your windows are unobscured so that the views capture your attention immediately.

  • Large piece of furniture: In some rooms, this may be obvious. Toss some throw pillows on your bed or add a beautiful centerpiece to your dining room table.

  • Vaulted ceilings: Keep your ceilings freshly painted and consider a unique overhead light fixture.

  • Accent wall: Create an accent wall by painting the wall farthest from the entryway a bold, contrasting color.

  • Artwork: Hang a statement piece of art at eye level. You could even use accent lighting to highlight it.


Don’t make the mistake of choosing more than one focal point in your room, as that could look too busy. (Although, when necessary, you could always have a secondary one.) And even if your focal point is built in, try to frame it with other design elements to help draw attention.

© 2020 Hunter Douglas

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