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December 2019

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas.

Smart decorating decisions are good for the planet and our health.


You may not realize how much of your home may be harmful to you and the environment. But the wrong furnishings and paints can actually emit toxins that cause migraines, respiratory conditions and other health issues. Fortunately, by making smart choices, you can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure a healthier environment for you and your family:


  • Look for recycled materials that last a long time and require very little maintenance.

  • Consider woven wood shades. Made from renewable materials, like bamboo, grasses and jute, they can stand up to a variety of weather conditions.

  • Make sure your wood is sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Or, pick up reclaimed lumber from your local wood salvage yard.

  • Create a citrus centerpiece out of fruits or veggies. For an extra touch, you could add white blossoms or ribbons.

  • Fill mason jars with colored water and place near windows that get a lot of sun. The water absorbs heat in the daytime and releases it back out at night.

  • Avoid paints with high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These harmful chemicals can linger for years. Instead, chooses paints labeled low-VOC.

  • Use candles scented with essential oils and made from natural materials, such as beeswax or soy. Other candles may have harmful VOCs or metal wicks.

  • Keep plants around. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. And by soaking up toxins and pollutants, they help purify the air.


Keep in mind, some eco-friendly home improvements can earn you a tax write-off. And if you take your old materials to a reuse facility, they can be redistributed to organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

© 2019 Hunter Douglas

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