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 September 2019

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Fall into autumn by creating a cozy earthtone color scheme.

These natural colors remind us of outdoors in the harvest season. 


Earthtones are comfortable, rich looking and warm, adding harmony and coziness to a home environment. They remind us of the colors of the falling leaves this season. Consider the variety of earthtones that work well for home design projects, including: 

  • Ginger                 

  • Copper                 

  • Cinnamon                 

  • Tan

  • Umber                 

  • Khaki                 

  • Pumpkin                 

  • Coffee

  • Persimmon                 

  • Sage                 

  • Terra cotta


An earthtone palette can go with almost any decorating style – smooth and sophisticated, rough and rustic, or dainty and feminine. It all depends on the specific hues you select and the style of the home elements you purchase.


Earthtone hues tend to work well with each other, so it’s easier to combine colors than with some other palettes. Earthtones go well with cream, taupe and beige as a neutral. Use white to brighten an earthtone palette, or introduce black to add drama and sophistication. Using lighter versions of earthtones will create a more lustrous natural look. And, if you have large windows or a beautiful outdoor setting, earthtone hues will help blend the indoors and outdoors, since they mimic the colors of the natural world.


Earthtones are perfect for a variety of interior elements, including:   


  • Upholstery fabric

  • Window treatments

  • Paint

  • Flooring

  • Countertops


Take the chill out of your home environment this fall. Add earthtones for a natural and balanced look.   

© 2019 Hunter Douglas

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