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September 2020

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

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Style Your Coffee Table with Flair.

A balance between color, texture and symmetry can make all the difference.


The centerpiece of your living area, your coffee table is usually one of the first things people notice when they walk into the room. And the way you style it can set the tone of the entire space. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect look:


  • Keep it simple: A clean, uncluttered feel with just a few items is most appealing and keeps the focus on the coffee table.

  • Follow the rule of three: Use a larger piece to ground your design and the other two items to balance it.

  • Contrast textures and shapes: Think soft flowers paired with a stack of books or a curved vase on a rectangular table.

  • Include a personal item: Incorporate a travel souvenir, heirloom or another personal item in your display to add interest and spark conversation.

  • Consider using a tray: A tray can help you style and organize a group of items. You can also use it for remotes, coasters or other small essentials.

  • Avoid objects that block your view: Stick to items that are low enough to see over or airy enough to see through.

  • Look at every angle: Since your table is probably near the center of your room, make sure it looks good from wherever people can see it.


While you want a stylish display, it shouldn’t get in the way of everyday use — allow plenty of room on your coffee table to set down drinks, snacks, magazines or whatever else you might want to place on there. Think about what you use your table for and try to create a balance between fashion and function.

© 2020 Hunter Douglas

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