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March 2021

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Make the Most of Multifunctional Spaces.

Well-designed rooms offer flexibility and comfort.


Whether you’re working with an open floor plan, optimizing a smaller space or just spending more time at home, multifunctional rooms can provide the flexibility you need while still offering a clean, streamlined design.


Evaluate the use of your space.


Start by considering what you’ll use the room for and how often. For instance, if you’ll use it as a home office 80% of the time and a guest room 20% of the time, you’ll want to prioritize the office part of the space, using perhaps a sleeper sofa that can double as a guest bed.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:


  • Use lighting to define spaces within a room. A chandelier over a dining room table or bedside lamps around a bed can create zones within a room.

  • Storage is everything. To keep your space from looking cluttered, invest in furniture with storage for smaller items.

  • Don’t overlook vertical space. If you have tall ceilings, think about how you can use vertical space for storing anything from books to a media center.

  • Think multifunctional or fold-away furniture. Folding chairs or a murphy bed can be easily put away when not in use, or a large computer screen could double as a TV.


Interesting Room Ideas


When using your creativity, the ideas are endless:


  • A tub in your bedroom: By properly distancing the tub from the bed, you can pull off this look.

  • A music corner in your living or dining room: Downsizing your furniture can create space for playing your favorite musical instrument.

  • Your child’s playroom in the bedroom: With plenty of storage, you can keep the bedroom neat and organized when it’s time to sleep.

© 2021 Hunter Douglas

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