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January 2021

Fresh Ideas for Your Home


Choose the Perfect Area Rug for Your Space.

The right style and design can really make a room feel complete.


Whether used as a defining feature or a subtle background, an area rug can beautifully complement and anchor the other features of your room. And with the right style and placement, you’ll create the most cohesive look.


Size, shape and positioning


In general, try to mimic the shape of your furnishings. For instance, a rectangular rug would work well with sectional sofa seating. On the other hand, a circular rug would work better with a round dining table. For the best look, maintain a bare border between the rug and the wall, keeping these tips in mind:


  • The living room: Make sure the rug extends under all the surrounding furniture — or at least the front legs of the major pieces.

  • The dining room: The rug should be big enough so that even when the chairs are pulled out, they fit comfortably on it.

  • The bedroom: Frame your bed with the rug. It’s okay if it extends only under the front legs of your nightstands.


Color, pattern and style


If your furnishings have lots of colors and patterns, you might want a complementary solid color. Or if you want to liven up your space, go for a rug with a more elaborate design. Keep in mind that low-pile rugs will stand up best in high-traffic areas, whereas plush high-pile rugs might work better in a bedroom or reading nook.


Using more than one rug


For wide open rooms, several area rugs can help define each space, such as a dining or seating area. You could even create visual interest by layering one or more rugs on top of another. Whatever arrangement you choose, always use rug pads to extend the life of your rugs.

© 2021 Hunter Douglas

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