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 September 2016

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Adding royal blue to your decor creates a feeling of safety and calm.

As one of the most popular colors, blue evokes positive feelings, especially in the home.

Royal blue is a beautiful shade, just a touch lighter than navy or midnight blue, and a tad darker than steel blue or French blue. Royal blue is often called Mediterranean Blue. Cobalt, lapis and Greek blue are similar to royal blue and can be substituted.


Psychologically, blue is a calming, fresh and harmonious color, so it’s perfect for a home environment. The darker shades of blue, like royal blue, remind us of the sea or the dark evening sky.


Royal blue can complement almost any design style, and is especially effective with Asian, modern, traditional and Victorian decorating plans. Royal blue helps bring a room to life and brings other colors in the room into focus.


Royal blue is a bold color, and tones down well, working as a striking accent, when used with lots of neutrals, such as grey, ivory, white and beige; or with lighter shades of blue.  Add a splash of complementary tangerine or other hues of orange and yellow; the warmer colors create a beautiful balance.  Periwinkle and lavender are also nice touches paired with royal blue.


One of the most popular interior uses of royal blue is in striped, plaid or gingham patterns. Also think of using royal blue in these ways:


  • With nautical and ocean themes

  • For a dramatic powder room or foyer accent wall

  • With ceramic stools, lamps and urns, to create an Asian look

  • Paired with soft and filmy white fabrics for a summery, cool décor

  • With patterned tile, fabrics and rugs to build a Moroccan style

  • With Delft patterns to create a traditional Dutch look


Add a sense of calmness and peace to your interior plan this year by adding royal blue.

© 2016 Hunter Douglas

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