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 December 2018

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Anchor your design plans with just a touch of black.

Every room needs just a bit of black to complete it!


Adding a touch of black is a design necessity for almost every room. There’s something about this dark and mysterious shade that enhances other colors and moors a room. Even if it’s a small touch that you and your guests hardly notice, a pinch of black does make a difference.


One of the best things about black is that, unlike other colors, it never goes out of style! 


Ideas for a dab of black include:    

  • Upholstery fabric

  • Flooring

  • Leather-covered walls or wall coverings

  • Lamps or lampshades

  • The inside surfaces of a built-in shelving system

  • Wrought iron bed frames or stair railings

  • Picture frames

  • Black and white photos

  • Granite or marble countertops in the bath or kitchen


Black can add drama, sophistication, austerity or masculinity. Do keep in mind that black is a strong color, so just a little goes a long way.  Some people are bold enough to decorate with black as the main hue in their design plan, but do be cautious. Too much black can be overpowering. Think about combining black with other colors because it goes well with almost all shades, especially white, cream and off white. Black also looks beautiful with soft pastels and bold jewel tones.


Add a dash of black to your rooms this season to anchor your design style.    

© 2018 Hunter Douglas

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